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Decking & Wood Cleaning

In the last few years more and more decking has been laid to the rear of properties throughout the West Midlands. Because it has been promoted so heavily on television, many homeowners are opting for decking as a low maintenance solution for keeping their gardens looking tidy.

We can clean decking and other wood garden features in Wolverhampton and other towns in the West Midlands. We can also oil or stain any decked area as an additional service if required.

Decking does require a fair amount of looking after. Moss and green algae in particular are often seen growing on the surface of decking and regular cleaning is required to keep the surface free of these varieties of surface growth. If the wood is not kept free of this surface growth it can get very slippery in wet conditions which can make it hazardous to walk on.

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If you require a FREE estimate for decking cleaning in Wolverhampton or the West Midlands, please call 0800 988 0348. You can also send your enquiry by completing our online enquiry form.